The Graduate Program in Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources, Federal University of Uberlândia was created in 1999 (resolution 05/98 of 26/06/1998 of CONSUN). Among the objectives of the program are the training of qualified human resources to deal with regional and national environmental issues and generate knowledge on the biological processes of ecosystems, seeking help in solving environmental problems. The transfer of information to society is also a constant concern seeking to develop concepts and values ​​about the importance of nature conservation. The infrastructure is appropriate and in the appearance of physical facilities highlights the computer room for student use, with more than ten computers, all connected to the internet. The Graduate Program in Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources provides curriculum content with interdisciplinary training and has prepared high-level professionals who are currently working in public higher education institutions and individuals, not only in the region but throughout Brazil, and other public agencies and private companies. The program is based at the Institute of Biology, Federal University of Uberlândia and is RECOMMENDED by CAPES (Concept 5), within the area of ​​Biodiversity.